Egg-Citing Easter 

This April we had a cracking time with hatching some Duck eggs.


They arrived before Easter, 6 large eggs filled the incubator.


They started to hatch quickly, and within 2 days there were 5 bedraggled, bewildered ducklings.


Once they were warm and rested, the ducklings soon started eating, drinking and pecking around.  Residents took turns to watch and talk to the ducklings - they were especially happy to show them off to everyone who visited, family, grandchildren were all introduced.


The most fun time was when they began to paddle and learn about water.  Lots of noise, flapping, splashing went on in the pool, followed by towel drying to fluff them up again.


Their bright yellow feathers and pink beaks were perfect.


Tongue in cheek nicknames were given to them: "Pancake", "Roast", "Hoi Sin" etc needless to say the names came from our catering staff!


As the ducklings grew infront of our eyes, their legs and necks became lanky and long.  Before we knew it - the ducklings were going back to their farm and it left the home feeling quiet.


So we cheered ourselves up by planning next year's egg-perience .... maybe Partridge's (and we'll get a pear tree too!)