December 2020



Firstly, from all of us at the Old Malthouse, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas. 

2020 has certainly been a year of challenges! As a home we have worked hard to ensure that our residents and staff remain safe and well, and the support we have been given by the families and friends of the home has been greatly appreciated, so thank you. 


COVID19 & Visiting Update

You may have seen in the media that the Government are aiming to roll out a 30 minute COVID test for visitors to care homes before Christmas, and that each home will be responsible for how they wish to run visits.  We have been informed that these tests should be with us around the 18th December.

Once we have received the testing kits, and looked at the test processing procedures, we will advise pre booked visitors by telephone of how the visits will take place.  All visits will continue in one area of the home only, and be limited to one / two visitors at a time.  Full PPE will also need to be worn.  The duration of the visit will still be 30 minutes, as this gives all residents the opportunity to see loved ones.  We understand that this is still not ideal, but it’s an improvement on window / screened visits. 


Christmas Presents for Loved Ones

Please note that we are required to quarantine all gifts for residents for 24 hours before they can be given and opened. This is in line with Government recommendations to minimise the risk of COVID19.

If you wish to be there whilst your family member opens a gift, please arrange for the gift to arrive at least a day before your planned visit.


Care Plan Reviews

Care plan reviews will be recommencing in the New Year.  We have a range of options now that will help facilitate face to face or zoom appointments, or care plans will be emailed across.  A member of the Senior Care Team will be in contact to discuss your preferred method of appointment.  We apologise that not everyone was able to have their annual care plan review this year, this will be a priority for January / February to ensure everyone is fully involved in the care planning for their relative. 

However, should you wish to discuss any aspects of care before your Care Plan review, please do not hesitate to contact me.




I would like to formally introduce the following staff to our team:

Ashley has been appointed as the new Deputy Manager, she has many years of experience at senior level in Health & Social Care, and I look forward to working closely with her.  Ashley will be involved in the care plan meetings, and I know that she is keen to meet you all. 

Tuesday has joined us in the role of Team Leader, again many years of experience working at senior level, and again will be involved in future care plan meetings.

Rachel, Kamil have joined our care team, both were selected for their kind and caring nature, and are settling into their roles well.

I’m sure you would like to join me is welcoming them all to our Malthouse family. 


Best Wishes



Emma Gilbert